“Follow Your Bliss” Program

Ten Sessions to Redirect Your Life.

This program is oriented for the individual who repeatedly experiences the same obstacles that hinder healthy relationships.

  • You define the problem you wish to address. Together with the counselor, you set reasonable achievable goals.
  • You set a regular appointment schedule and time line for completion.
  • You actively participate in therapy with assignments for active change that include physical exercise, physical activities, diet and relationship management.
  • The counselor is more active than passive with you.
  • The counselor is more direct.
  • The counseling is truly an interactive experience.
  • The counseling is a process of two allies dealing with a particular problem.

The Program

In the first two sessions a full mental health assessment is taken. If you need treatment for a diagnosis then we shall have to address this. Otherwise, you set goals for the program. Together with the counselor, you gain clarity about defining the relational problem.

Sessions three through nine we observe how the defined relational problem effects daily living. This includes workplace, friendships and core relationships. During these sessions assignments for reading and reflection are given. Challenging activities are suggested that challenge your behavior in relationships.  Healthy habits are initialized to get you on the path to a better lifestyle.

The final session reviews the goals, progress and future methods to effect a permanent positive change for life relationships.

The program is tailored to your understanding of spirituality. Your values are defined and honored.  You are guided and supported to live your life according to your greatest sense of self.

The Cost

This is not billable to your insurance coverage.

The Program does not work for individuals who have a mental health disorder diagnosis or personality disorder. It is not effective for people with a substance dependency diagnosis. Subsequently, it is not billable to insurance.

The fee for each hour is $100.00. The program may last for as short as ten weeks or as long as a year depending on the intensity of effort you wish to use in addressing the problem.

“As you go the way of life, you will see a great chasm. Jump. It is not as wide as you think.”